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Having a corporate video produced can be a daunting prospect. Which is why we have broken each step of the process down, and written a guide to help you get started. This will show you how we will work on your project, from inception to delivery, and may give you some ideas of what you can achieve with your video project. No mater what your location, be it in Fleet in Hampshire where we are based, in London which is where the majority of our work is completed, around the whole of the UK as many of our projects take us, or around Europe and the rest of the world which we regularly visit to film – we can provide the complete service.

No mater what your level of experience, we will hold your hand through the entire process, or you can simply provide us with your brief, and await the results. Your video production will be in safe hands, and hopefully this guide and advice will help you get on your way.

The first stage of the process is to determine the main objective of your video project. There are several questions to ask:
Who is the target audience?
What is the fundamental message to be delivered?
How would you like the video to be shown/broadcast?
How duration should it be?
Who would you like to feature?
Do you require a presenter?
What locations would you like to use?
What is the deadline for completion?
What is the budget?
Captive8 Media will work closely with clients to ensure that they are aware of the possibilities that video can offer. Once we have an idea of your basic requirements, we will discuss in depth your project, possibly suggesting ideas that you may not have considered. The more information we have about your company, your market and your competitors, the more effective the final product will be.
Whilst the visuals are important, the script is vital to ensure the message is delivered accurately, and informatively, whilst maintaining the viewers’ interest.

The Captive8 Media team will work closely with you to build a script which ensures your objectives are fulfilled. The experts on the topic of our clients are usually….our clients! If a draft script has been prepared by them, our copywriters will fine tune it and ensure that it is suitable to be delivered on camera, and listened to by the viewer.

If the script is to be presented to camera, Captive8 Media have a computerised autocue facility, allowing the script to be presented accurately, without the requirement of a script being memorised. This saves time and ultimately money and makes for a more professional final product.

Who will write the script?
Who is responsible for final “sign off”?
Is there internal legislation that must be fulfilled?
Captive8 Media use a range of state of the art equipment to film every project, according to the format and objectives. Filming can take part on location, in a studio environment, or wherever is required. As well as the camera, sound and lighting are all expertly utilised to create the most professional video possible. Our crew and equipment are fully portable, and so the location is only limited by our imagination!

Captive8 Media offer the ability of filming within a “green screen” environment, a technique used in many current Hollywood Blockbuster films. This involves digitally removing the background in post production, and replacing it with an alternative one. This can be useful where a suitable filming location cannot be found, or to help maintain the viewers interest.

Post Production
Post Production is often the most vital stage of any video production, yet is often the most overlooked. The editing process can set the pace, the tone and overall “feel” of the video, and we will work together with you to ensure that we get this right.

Using digital edit suites, the editor will complete an initial edit for the client to view. Based on feedback from the initial edit, a final cut will be produced.

Who is responsible for “sign off” of the initial draft edit?
Is any music to be included?
Are graphics to be provided or produced by Captive8 Media?
The final video will be delivered to you within the agreed time frame, in the desired format. Alternative formats can be used at a later date should your requirements change. We can assist with DVD duplication of your video production as well as any additional work involved such as DVD artwork and delivery.

The copyright of the completed video is handed over to you, for you to use as you wish. Should you wish to have additional changes to make in the future as your business grows, this will be possible.

What is your deadline?
What other formats may you be able to utilise?
Where is the video going to be shown?
Is your priority speed or picture quality?

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