Marketing Video Filming and Production

Captive8 Media offer a full Marketing video service for your business or event

Product Launches, interviews, Press Releases, Social and corporate marketing videos with full post production and support.

Corporate Videos have been commonplace since the arrival of VHS. However, they were an expenditure that only the biggest corporations could justify. Nowadays, with far more affordable production equipment and more accessible delivery methods, any small business can have their own professional corporate video. These can be used to demonstrate a product, show a company’s facilities, hear from various manager’s within different departments, or just show off to any potential clients. Of course, company videos not only give the opportunity to sell your products in a direct and focused manner, but could also attract new employees or investment opportunities.

Captive8 Media offer a complete video production service from start to finish. We will discuss your company to learn about every aspect of your message. We will then work together to come up with a concept, script, and any other content. We want to enhance your company profile in as many ways as possible, and come up with the best way to deliver your message effectively and imaginatively.

We arrange and conduct interview with the relevant people, and make sure the video reflects any “house style” that your company currently use. Budgets are often a major factor, and we will offer the best possible value, whilst delivering the highest professional quality. Clients often provide a set budget and we will work hard to figure the optimum way to deliver the best results within the parameters set.

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A Marketing video we productd for Nash Mills Wharf as part of their promotional drive
Captive 8 Media filmed and produced this product demonstration and marketing video for Cinnamon Hill