Video Production Services

We offer a complete range of video production services to business and industry, ideally suited for product launches, trade events, employee training, marketing and viral videos, presentations, and more.

We’ve got extensive experience within the video industry, and have created content for clients ranging from large multi-national companies, smaller independents, e-commerce stores, product marketers, and much more beyond . Our low costs and range of equipment means that there’s no reason why your business can’t capitalise on using video to increase exposure, revenue and profit.

Capitiv8 Media can provide everything you need to create a professional video in line with your budget and requirements. We also offer professional in-house post production, graphics and animation.

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Corporate Video

We specialise in corporate video, and our expertise ensures we get the best results with the minimum of disruption for your event, conference or staff training videos, amongst others.

Trade Show and Event Video

Trade shows are an excellent way of showcasing your products and services, but by filming them you can go on to use these videos in marketing and promotional material, as well as internal use.

Training Videos

Training Videos are an effective way of teaching staff and clients quickly and easily. They are easily distributed and can cut down on costs. We produce high quality and effective videos for all training purposes.

Testimonial Video

Testimonials are a great asset to any corporate website. and if you use video the impact is even greater. Let us help promote your client base to new customers in the most effective way.

Marketing Videos

Used everywhere from Youtube and Facebook, to B2b and beyond. Marketing Videos can promote your services and products in ways that have never before been possible.

Animation and Graphics

Whether used in post production for your filmed content, or as a standalone product for B2b Christmas cards and email marketing, animated videos can make your content stand out.

Video Thumbnail
Nash Mills Wharf Property Tour
Nash Mills Wharf Property Tour Video from Captive 8. We filmed and produced this video for Nash Mills Wharf for promotional purposes.