6 ways to get more people sharing your videos

Creating the most original and captivating video is one thing – but how do you get people to share it? That’s the million pound question for so many firms using a video production company like Captive8 Media.

It’s simple – get more people sharing your video, and more people will see it, which also means more engagement. Here are our favourite tips and tricks for boosting shares.

1. Grab their attention immediately

It may sound obvious, but people won’t share your video unless they think it’s awesome. Leave them in no doubt right from the start. Get them interested in the first 5-7 seconds, otherwise, they’ll probably stray.

2. Be surprising, not shocking

Recent Harvard University Business School research has suggested that videos are shared more often when they are surprising, but not shockingly so. Aim for content that makes someone’s eyebrows raise, rather than causing them to recoil in horror or disgust.

3. Appeal to emotional extremes

Another study on content sharing by social psychologist Rosanna Guadagno found that people share things that create strong emotional reactions in them. Positive reactions are most useful, as people like to share content that lightens their day or restores their faith in humanity.

But negative content also attracts a lot of shares. The real lesson? Appeal to either extreme, rather than the middle.

4. Support a worthy cause

Social responsibility is a big deal to many video watchers these days. They like to show their support for an important cause, which sharing a video can be a quick and convenient way of doing. 11.8 million social shares were generated by KONY 2012, for example. Just imagine the possibilities for your own business.

5. Make sharing of your video easy

It’s not our business to dictate which video sharing platform you should use – YouTube, Vimeo or something entirely different – but at least ensure that your chosen platform makes it quick and easy to share your content.

6. Request shares

Don’t forget the obvious advice of simply asking for shares. Include a powerful ‘call to action’ either in the video itself, or below the video playing window. As they say… ask, and you shall receive.

Captive8 Media has the experience and knowhow to create highly share-worthy video for your company. Contact us now to learn more about our video production company.