4 areas to improve your social video marketing

Anyone who has ever filmed a promotional video in London and uploaded it to YouTube can vouch for how powerful online video marketing really is.

However, you’ll make an even greater impact when your video really is social. Achieving this is about so much more than uploading your video to random social networks.

Here are five areas where you can enhance your current social video marketing.

1. Understanding your audience

What type of content hits the spot most for your audience? Are they looking for something interesting, entertaining or informative? You’ll make more of an impact by targeting just one of these categories.

2. Creating the content

Don’t just point the camera anywhere – plan your writing and production carefully, in light of your chosen social platform. What change in thinking, motivation or behaviour do you want from your audience? Create the content in accordance with what you decide.

3. Distributing your video

Distribution plays just as powerful a role in your video marketing as the creation of the video itself. Will your video be hosted on Facebook, YouTube, Vine or Instagram? Where is your audience likely to respond to it best?

4. Measuring your video’s success

If you want to get better and better at marketing your company through video, you’ll need a way of measuring and attributing its success. Instead of being obsessed with views, consider the number of shares. After all, with more shares, the view count will go up naturally.

Talk to Captive8 Media about your next video

There are so many great reasons to film a promotional video in London and place it on social media.

Statistics suggest that consumers are 46 per cent more likely to seek information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video, and are 85 per cent more likely to buy after watching a product video. A video even gives customers 52 per cent more confidence in an online purchase.

Choose Captive8 Media for your next video production, and we’ll ensure that it represents the best possible quality for your budget. With the right social media impact, you’ll be even more effective.