3 great ideas for your next series of promotional videos

It makes a lot of sense to start a series of promotional videos in London, rather than just one. A series of short videos may be easier for viewers to digest than one video, attracting attention to your company while also imparting genuinely useful information.

But what should be the subject of your next video series? Here are some ideas that work well in almost any industry.

1. Expert advice

Show how much you care about your target audience’s wellbeing and pain points by giving them a series of useful tips on something related to your industry. We all want to find ways to make our lives easier and simpler, and your advice videos can do just that.

Not sure what to make your video about? Take a look at your past customer complaints and comments. What is bothering your customers right now? What subjects keep coming up? What aspects of your present products or services do they have questions about?

2. Industry-wide interviews

Your target audience is sure to be interested in what certain important people in your industry have to say. The person may be widely known, have a unique angle on a particular industry issue or represent a key trade show or event.

Have Captive8 Media record videos of face-to-face meetings with these people in a smart and professional setting, and you’ll have some intriguing interview videos that attract plenty of comments, shares and awareness of your company.

3. Behind the scenes

Gone are the days of the faceless business and the anonymous company website. Today’s Internet-literate prospective clients, customers and even employees want to see your firm’s human face. They want to know what’s going on behind your office doors, and exactly what your company is thinking.

Such people certainly want to see that your company consists of real human beings, and there are so many ways of showing this. Do you have an interesting office? Is there anything quirky about day-to-day life at your workplace? What happens at your premises that could be entertaining for your customers to watch?

Get in touch with Captive8 Media’s professional and capable team now about the filming of your next series of promotional videos in London.