5 things that’ll make your trade show video stand out

Participation in London trade shows and events costs serious time and money for any ambitious organisation. But once the attendees leave and your booth and products are packed away, what do you have to show for it?


With any luck, you’ll have a long list of orders and contacts. However, even better is to have a fantastic trade show video to show off to those who visit your firm online. Here are the elements that’ll make your trade show video in London really stand out.


  1. Appealing music and visuals

 A trade show video often needs to be snappy, particularly when you are summarising what happened at the event – rather than recording a long video of a roundtable discussion, for example. Make the music and visuals classy, unobtrusive and in keeping with your brand.


  1. A short length

 Again, much depends on the content of your trade show video. But when you want something to draw attention to your participation in the event – perhaps embedded in the homepage or a blog post – whoever clicks ‘play’ is probably going to hit the ‘pause’ button and look elsewhere if it’s 20 minutes long.


With some exceptions, keep your video snappy and punchy.


  1. An understanding of your audience

 You may have read a lot about ‘buyer personas’, but it’s not just about demographics – it’s about understanding your target audience’s problems and what you can do to solve them. You should make that very clear while you’re showing off the products and events at your trade show.


  1. Interviews with important people

 What do guests at your trade show booth make of your company and its products? Could now be a good time to record a few powerful customer testimonials in a stunning setting? Maybe there are top executives visiting your stand who would have something interesting to say? Don’t miss your chance in this area.


  1. Calls to action

Don’t just talk about what happened at the trade show – address the customer directly. Ask them what they think of a specific issue, or what they may use a given product or service of yours for. Perhaps you could even instruct them to take advantage of a certain promotion? It’s all possible with the perfect trade show video in London.

Entrust a professional video production company like Captive8 Media with the filming of your trade show video, and you can be even surer that it’ll give you great results.