Towergate Insurance Viral Video Campaign

Towergate Specialist Insurance Viral Video Marketing Campaign
We were contacted by the Digital Content Manager for Towergate Insurance, one of the largest specialist insurance companies in the UK. They wanted to harness the power of online video, but did not fully understand how it could help, or what was involved. A meeting was arranged and we came up with a strategy of a series of ‘Expert Guides’ covering a whole range of their specialist areas. As a new project, keeping to a tight budget was key.

We used a presenter to give the video a more professional look, and to also get the most out of the expert, world champion Jet Ski rider James Bushall. Filming was completed for two videos in one day, and the post production was completed in a further day. The content manager was very pleased with the video, and as soon as the videos were published, Towergate saw an immediate improvement on their search results for a number of very competitive terms. The videos were distributed via wide range of social media sites, and the feedback was excellent.