SPP Pumps Training Health and Safety Video

SPP Pumps Marketing Corporate Video For New Clients
SPP Pumps made an initial inquiry about creating a DVD to be handed to new clients at a major trade fair in Hong Kong. This was to showcase the capabilities of one of their Fire Pump units, as well as serve a purpose as a training devise for future orders. The main concern was budget restrictions, having been quoted very high sums from production companies. The Captive8 Media team spoke to the client to get details of all of the main points to be covered, and to come up with a cost effective way of providing all of the necessary content in the minimum time, whilst keeping the production standards high.

Filming was completed in one day at the main production facility in Gloucester, using a presenter to provide a professional look and feel to the video and to deliver several important parts of the script. The demonstration itself was delivered by one of the managers who had no previous experience of being on camera. We made him feel relaxed and gave some simple coaching; he did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We completed the DVD with an animated menu which followed the same theme as the custom designed packaging which we also provided. Several hundred disks were handed out at the event, and the client was delighted with the response. A further marketing DVD has been produced on a larger scale, highlighting the entire company, and further video projects are in the pipeline.