Mere Marketing Corporate Video

We met Mere Marketing filming a trade show video at their stand in 2014. They were so pleased with the results, they contacted us to see what other videos we could produce for them. The client was keen to show the manufacturing processes involved in the baths that they distribute, as well as their internal team. They also wanted to highlight their warehousing and delivering infrastructure. After several phone conversations, we developed the idea of a single video which encompassed all of these elements. We started by creating a draft script which highlighted the key points. We then spent a day filming at the bath factory just outside Edinburgh, and another day at the clients offices and warehouse in Warrington. Based on this content, we then developed the script and had that recorded by a voice over artist.

All of this content was edited together into the video you see here. The budget did not allow for filming of lots of baths, so we were able to take their product images and create an attractive animated sequence for the middle section of the video, and serves as a great showcase for the bathroom range.