JP Morgan Interview DVD Videos

Treasury Management Expert Series of DVD Videos
Treasury Management International are the leading publication in the UK investment sector. A meeting was arranged to discuss the idea of launching a video channel as part of their online presence, and as a new source of revenue. A year later and another meeting was arranged once various logistic and budget elements had been taken care of. We were to produce and film a range of interviews with various experts within JP Morgan. This content was to be delivered via a bespoke application for iphones and ipads, as well as published on DVD.

The shoot was to be on location at the head office of JP Morgan in London, which presented a number of logistical and technical problems with sound and light. These were soon overcome, and several days were spent filming the content. This was then edited, with several revisions being presented to ensure all editorial and compliance issues were satisfied. 1000 DVD’s were circulated, and the video app was launched with great success. Work is currently underway for a new video project.