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Global Integration Viral Videos For Internet Social Media
People management experts, Global Integration, identified video as a very powerful tool to build a relationship with their clients, giving a human face to their brand, whilst improving their SEO results. The videos would also make up part of their ongoing marketing activities, giving clients examples of the training that they can provide.

Keeping the budget low was initially a very important factor as this was a new area for the client, and they did not want to invest too heavily within proven results. We suggested a number of ways we could complete filming economically whilst maximizing the output. We filmed for one day, filming 5 videos with Kevan presenting directly to camera using our Autocue. This allowed him to focus on the delivery rather than remembering the complex script. Once post production was completed, and we had established a “house style” for all videos, they were released online over a short period of time with excellent results. Not only did Global Integration’s search engine results improve, but they received excellent feedback from their clients. We have now produced 21 videos, with more to follow and their Youtube channel receives thousands of hits.