Product Demonstration Video – Medtec

BPM Product Demonstration Video – Medtec Trade Show
We filmed this product demonstration as part of our special Trade Show Video Package Offer. We were asked by BPM Pro to visit their stand and to film a demonstration of their specialist medical product in use. Following a conversation with the client on the phone, we made an appointment to visit their trade show stand. We filmed an interview with one of their sales team which was conducted in a very relaxed manor to make them feel happy and relaxed on camera. We then filmed a demonstration of the product from a few different angles, meaning we had a selection of shots to choose from for the final video. We then captured a sequence of shots of the stand and the company branding, to help complete the final edit. All of these elements were then pieced together to make one fluid, simple, clear and informative product demonstration video. This will then be used as a marketing tool on the companies website, as part of their social media, and to show prospective clients face-to-face.

This example shows just how videos can be adapted to suit any business, and how effective a marketing video can be.